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I am a teacher of what I call a Breakthrough Communication experience through Authentic Human Connection and Strategic Storytelling. When you bring these two key elements together, what you have is what you need to motivate, move, and inspire your audience to action – no matter who you are or who your audience happens to be.

Every day, at every moment, we are on stage. And every moment is an opportunity to remove your mask.

What are you bringing to the stage?

Learn to communicate, lead, and inspire at your greatest level

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You don’t need to be an actor or have any experience in the theater whatsoever to participate in a Tell The Winning Story workshop. (It might even be better if you didn’t!)

If you’re looking to make a massive change in your life and transform your listeners along the way, acting experience or not, nothing gets you there faster than the tools of the theater.

“When you remove the mask, you set the stage for your Greater story to begin”


Trial Consulting

From pre-trial to trial, Tell The Winning Story’s jury consultant services take you “soup to nuts” to discovering the story with your client (and casting them in the right role), deposition preparation, story development, case strategy, wordsmithing, sequencing and presenting your Opening Statement, Voir Dire, and preparing and rehearsing your Closing Argument.

CLE Seminars & Workshops

Tell The Winning Story’s workshops and seminars will challenge you and your trial team as both director and storyteller to find a more powerful way of communicating and presenting your client’s story – their victor story!

Books & Materials

Discover how to apply Jesse Wilson’s revolutionary Victim-to-Victor method, which emphasizes embracing a narrative of triumph instead of dwelling on your clients as mere victims, with a variety of books and video series.

The Ultimate Guide To Witness Preparation

Witness Preparation: How To Tell The Winning Story

Jesse Wilson, Trial Consultant, Communication Specialist, and Best-Selling Author
will elevate your advocacy and super-charge your results by showing you how to:

Cast your client, yourself and adverse witnesses in the right role

Discover, develop and deliver winning testimony in deposition and at trial

Maximize your results at trial by telling the WINNING STORY

Executive Coaching

Level-up your communication and leadership skills with private, one-on-one coaching designed to help you awaken the natural leader within and build momentum in your business and career.

Team Training & Events

Tell The Winning Story offers structured programs on specific themes but with the flexibility to customize programs to fit your company’s needs.


For personal Transformation

Lessons From The Stage Workshops

It’s time to stop holding back the best that’s in you. It’s time to share it with the world! Step into a much more powerful role; one where you can move, motivate, and inspire your audience. All of us have within us a greater story. When you connect to that greater story inside yourself, it’s inevitable that you bring people into that greater story. This is the Art and Science of Human Connection. In these workshops, you will learn to communicate, connect, lead, and inspire at your greatest level, no matter who your audience is: relationships, team, or the toughest critic there is… The one staring back at you in the mirror.

What People
Are Saying

“Jesse is one of the most inspirational and flexible leaders I’ve ever interacted with. He’s also funny as hell, and helps create an absolutely safe environment for everyone. Jesse brings an authentic quality to his work that encourages deep authenticity from the group. Everyone has a story, and he’ll aid in bringing yours to life in ways you never imagined.”

Dan Taylor

Director Revenue North, Small Business Growth Summit ActionCOACH The World’s #1 Business Coaching Firm

“I credit Jesse in helping me settle a personal injury case for $16,600,000. Jesse teaches that your injured, broken, damaged, forlorn, and downtrodden client is a Victor, and is not a Victim. The day I worked with Jesse, my view of my client radically changed. I started viewing her as a victor who was committed to reclaiming what was left of her life. Every time I met her – at her home, in my office, at a doctor’s office – I started paying attention to the steps she was making to regain her life. In my mind, I saw her as a hero, not a victim. And I told her that she was strong enough to endure a trial and live with the result, no matter what it might be. I will work with Jesse any time, any where. It’s the best professional development I’ve ever done, and I encourage any plaintiff lawyer to jump on board with his Tell The Winning program immediately.”

Mike Maxwell

Trial Attorney, Michael Maxwell Graham Injury Attorneys

“Jesse Wilson literally gave me a legal lobotomy in 221 pages, and transformed the way I think about trying cases for catastrophically injured clients after nearly 30 years of practicing law at a very high level. Simply put, I’ve enjoyed some amazing results at trial, but often felt convinced that our jury should have done more with our facts. After reading Jesse’s priceless gift to trial bar, I now realize that these good but suboptimal verdicts were the result of telling the jury the wrong story about our clients’ loss and despair instead of the “winning story” about our victor client’s joy, strength, hope, resilience and perseverance in the face of devastating injuries. Suffice it to say, I’ve had a radical paradigm shift, and our new inspirational battle cry at trial is “NEVER the victim, ALWAYS the victor!” Thank you Jesse for this game-changing masterpiece on the psychology of jury trials and witness preparation.”


Trial Attorney, Morgan & Morgan

“With Jesse’s strong intuitive ability, he very quickly helps people learn to communicate honestly and with passion, identify and overcome obstacles, determine and focus individual and group intention, move beyond their comfort zones, connect as a group, work as a team, and have a ton of fun while doing it!”

David Fein

CEO, ValueSource

“Anyone who wants to better understand how to tell their clients’ stories should attend Jesse Wilson’s Tell The Winning Story workshops. And, that means all attorneys who represent people. At the heart of Jesse’s work is teaching attorneys how to feel – not just logically comprehend – what happened to their clients and how it affected their lives. Being empowered with this knowledge allows us to persuade just about anyone – including adjusters, mediators, judges, and juries – with both logic and emotion, which can greatly improve our results. Ask the attorneys at Gerry Spence’s law firm or Nick Rowley’s law firm, who credit Jesse with helping them achieve six, seven, and eight-figure verdicts.”

Tim Garvey

Attorney, McDermott Law; CTLA Board Member

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